AOTO US is the US subsidiary of AOTO Group, a leading LED display manufacturer.

Since 2014, AOTO US has expanded its LED display solutions across north America. As a complete display solutions provider, we have gathered experts in this industry together and provided our clients with innovative and unique solution-oriented LED products of wide choices. 

AOTO’s products represent best video performance with solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs and offer superb performance and durability. With the flexibility in configuration, serviceability, and reliability of the products, AOTO has established itself as the leading provider for LED display solutions. Whatever your needs are, we have the right solution.

AOTO offers 24/7 service and support across the nation. Our commitment to customer satisfaction starts with presale custom designing and further guarantees with best-in-class warranties and services.   



Our in-depth knowledge, massive investment in R& D along with the technical know-how that comes from building thousands of displays, have all played a role in bringing us to where we are now. We believe that AOTO’s products are the ideal solution for any requirement for the most advanced visual display solution for all kinds of high-end information display applications. We invite you to compare the technical details of our products with any other company in the industry.

AOTO offers professional solutions for various scenarios, like advertising, sporting events, staging, architecture, TV broadcasting, command rooms etc. AOTO’s products and solutions have been adopted by worldwide advertising companies, top sporting events etc.

Service is an extremely important part of the AOTO brand. “Quick response, Efficient and Professional” are our core philosophy. We strive to provide the best service for our customers and are aiming to exceeding customers’ expectations. AOTO currently has a technology service network in China, technical support centers in Hong Kong, London, New York, Los Angeles, Tampa, Denver and Sao Paulo. We also have global call center to allow us to provide 24/7/365 service all over the world. We have partners around the world that are trained on our equipment and are available to help if you need it with many of them stocking parts as well.