April 7,1871- April 18,1928
Great Among The Great Filipino Scholars and Patriot
To All Readers,

My name is Luisa de los Santos Robinson. I personally made this website to give
tribute to my grandfather – Epifanio de los Santos. My aim is to give insight on his
personal side and to provide awareness to the younger generations of our time who
do not know anything about this Great Filipino Scholar. Archival research was done to
collate written materials about him to provide you credible information on his life and

I intend to give life to a very great man, to portray Epifanio de los Santos as a
person who has done so much for our country, and not to be remembered as just
another name of a street. There is more to this man than just a name. I believe he
has touched so many lives and I want his life and achievements to become an
inspiration to other Filipinos as he has been to me; even though I only know him
from the stories of my late father.  

In light of this, I am inviting relatives out there and friends to share anecdotes and
information about his life that may have been passed on by people who actually got
to know him. Moreover, I’m hoping this will serve as an instrument to make contact
to family members out there. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me
pictures and share data in order for me to complete the “Family Tree”. I want him to
continue to live through us to touch and inspire the lives of our children and our
children’s children.

Godspeed everyone!!!!